ADL event within NATO DEEP ARM program

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According to the NATO-Armenia joint action plan to support the development of the higher military education system (HMES), the ADL workshop within the NATO DEEP (Defense Education Enhancement Program) Armenia took place. The event was focusing on the education and training issues, seen from the e-learning, academic perspective. Time frame 8-10 December. Location – ICT facilities of the Jagiellonian University.

Team of three NATO experts met with four representatives of the Ministry of Defence of Armenia, Yerevan. During three active days, the attendees of the workshop i.e. translated the first part of the “Cybersecurity Awareness Micro Course – 10 Principles of Cybersecurity” from English in the Armenian language. During the staying to Krakow, also the visit to the Center of the Remote Education of the Jagiellonian University took place. Its director: Jacek Urbaniec, Ph.D, informed the Armenian group about the structure, tasks and current activities, as far as e-learning solutions within the university realm are concerned. The certificates of participation and completion were handed out on the last day of the event by Prof. Adam W. Jelonek, Ph.D, Rector’s Representative for Internationalization, Director of the Institute of Middle and Far East at Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

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