The next phase of e-learning implementation in the Elk Branch Campus

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A pilot program focused on the implementation of e-learning solutions, conducted from the beginning of the academic year 2018/2019, in the Elk Branch Campus of UWM, has entered a new phase. In the winter semester, students of the first year of internal security (Bachelor level) enjoyed the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the basic functionalities of the LMS ILIAS platform, complete the digital competence self-assessment questionnaires and complete e-learning courses in Polish. As part of the summer semester, the subject of “Information Technologies” is conducted in a mixed formula (Blended Learning). On the other hand, on April 1, the facultymembers begin training, aimed at increasing their digital skills. Also the familiarization with the functionalities of the LMS ILIAS platform is seen. It will be run in the form of on-line and stationary workshops, aimed at familiarizing the participants with selected tools of remote education, methodology of conducting classes with the use of online forms and methods. The final point of the training will be possibility to self-genera the certificate of completion, with a personal QR code.

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