Creating e-learning content and conducting classes using distance learning methods and techniques


The relationship of learning outcomes to the mission and strategy of the university:

Studies are a direct form of realizing the mission of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, which is a comprehensive activity for the development of high-quality education for graduates and scientific staff, implementation of scientific research adapted to the needs of the region and country economy and enriching national culture. In strategic terms, the studies form a formula for constant, continuous preparation of representatives of education and higher education to create e-learning courses and studies and to teach via distance learning techniques. Before submitting the proposal for post-graduate studies, an interview was conducted with academic teachers who explicitly supported the need to create the subject studies. E-learning and distance learning methods are beginning to play a more and more important role in modern teaching, therefore it is so important to meet these expectations.

Description of the internal system for ensuring the quality of education:

Postgraduate studies are conducted in accordance with the requirements set out in the resolution on the internal system of quality assurance of education at the Technical and Social Sciences Faculty in Ełk. These include, above all: 

– clearly defining the scope of classes by preparing detailed information on the organization of individual lectures, exercises and practices

– sharing study documentation with appropriate control cells

– archiving documentation of classes, apprenticeships, credits and examinations

– enabling the hospitalization of conducted classes and practices

– other activities mentioned in the education quality control system

Organizational requirements and method of achieving learning objectives:

Achieving learning objectives requires meeting the following organizational requirements and the manner of their implementation:

– studies take place in the form of e-learning;

– part of the time is a practical activity;

– classes are coordinated by academic teachers – specialists in a given field.

Prerequisites and recruitment rules

The qualification procedure for postgraduate studies is carried out by the qualification committee appointed at the Technical and Social Sciences Faculty in Ełk.

A candidate for post-graduate studies is obliged to provide:

– the diploma of completion of the Master’s degree studies

– application and questionnaire printed from the IRK system (internet registration of candidates)


The participant will pay the fees for educational services related to conducting postgraduate studies on the principles set out in Resolution No. 736 of the Senate of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn of 22 May 2015 on the principles of charging for educational services provided and the procedure and conditions for exemption from these fees. 

Fee is 3000 PLN per person, according to signed agreement. 

Conditions for graduation

The condition for completing the studies is systematic participation in classes by logging in to the system and performing confirmation tasks, obtaining partial credits in the subjects provided for in the education program and obtaining 30 ECTS credits.

The final grade will be the arithmetic mean of the obtained partial grades.

Description of the graduate qualifications of postgraduate studies 

Postgraduate studies „Creating e-learning content and conducting classes using distance learning methods and techniques” are addressing current needs of our country in area of preparing graduates to teach using distance learning methods and techniques. 

Participants will gain knowledge and skills in the field of:

– characteristics and specificity of e-learning activities

– e-learning platforms

– rules for creating tests in e-learning systems

– organization of didactic classes with the help of e-learning tools


Technical and Social Sciences Faculty in Ełk

Kościuszki 23 

19-300 Ełk